Istana, The President’s Crib

Yesterday, I went to the President’s pad. It’s open to the public five times a year and I decided to seize this opportunity to see the place. It’s called Istana and sits on over 100 acres off of Orchard Road. For Singapore, 100 acres is massive.

Istana kid

I couldn’t photograph the best bits, like inside the main building or of the security checkpoint. To be fair, I only learned about the “no taking pictures of the security checkpoint” whilst taking pictures of the security checkpoint. Luckily, I’m white, touristy and have a perpetual confused look on my face. I’m also prone to repeating “I am confused” whenever it’s apparent I broke some unknown rule. So far, so good.

Green space

The highlights of my Istana visit were; a lot of open green space,


A monkey,

jap gunAn old artillery piece,

pretty flowerssome pretty flowers,

This guyand this guy. I enjoy that this guy exists. We have similar taste in toys as I also bought that lion for my niece.


The unpictured inside to the main building had gifts from other countries on display. There were awesome paintings done out of gemstones, or gold, or baskets woven from silver… Just all kinds of amazing stuff. Also, some really boring stuff from the U.S., like a plain metal bowl.

Evil bird

The lowlight of my visit was this bird. I hate birds. I think I captured his evil rather well though.

Today’s adventure, so far, has involved accidentally deleting 2 months of photos and journeying to multiple stores in search of graham crackers. No graham crackers yet, but I did manage to score some Kool-Aid. Tastes like freedom.

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